Personalised Post Boxes

Mailbox Mania is delighted to be chosen to sell in the UK a new range of quality, large capacity wall mounted and freestanding mailboxes (Philip, Olof, Albert, Albertina, Karolina, Oskar, Folke, Gustaf, Karl & Lovisa). However what makes these products totally unique to the market is that included in the purchase price of the box you now have the ability through a brand new website link to create your own fantastic personalisation using a multitude of styles, designs, fonts and colours. The personalised plate is made from exactly the same material and colour finish as your actual mailbox and once uploaded will be delivered to you within 5 working days (the mailbox itself is delivered next working day as normal on orders received before 12.00pm). It is then simply inserted into the made to measure area on the front of the box. REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THIS FANTASTIC SERVICE. Its all included in the extremely competitive purchase price. Of course if you do not want any personalisation then box is perfectly good without it.THESE BOXES ARE ON A 3-4 WORKING DAY DELIVERY. PLEASE REMEMBER THESE BOXES PERSONALISATION CAN BE DONE ONCE YOU RECEIVE YOUR BOX WITH YOUR FREE CHECKOUT CODE INCLUDED AND NOT VIA THE MAILBOXMANIA WEBSITE

We also now offer another fantastic range of personalised mailboxes that give you the opportunity to personalise via the website with delivery within 5-7 days. THESE PERSONALISATIONS ARE DONE VIA THE MAILBOX MANIA WEBSITE