Indoor and Outdoor Vertical Post Boxes

Vertical boxes are perfect when you need to keep protrusion from the wall to a minimum. Having more surface area than horizontal boxes you can fill up a space using less units. These boxes are designed to be installed both internally & externally. Being extremely robust and combined with the external weatherproof surround casings they offer a 100% weatherproof solution on the Kompact ranges. Again available in multiple colour finishes, styles & dimensions along with many different available options such as freestanding posts, labelling & engraving, locking options, master locks and the new marine rust resistant finishes to mention just a few (see category "options for groups of Post Boxes"), we are sure we can offer a box solution to suit all requirements. We also offer "off the shelf" individual boxes which are an extremely cost effective solution but with no other options available

Please note the prices you see are a good guide and are based on our average number of boxes used to build a bank which is 15. The bigger the bank the cheaper the unit prices and consequently the smaller the bank the more expensive the unit prices

The individual multi occupancy boxes can be bought directly from the website where the volume discounts are already shown