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Individual Multi-Occupancy Commercial Mailboxes

Individual multi occupancy post boxes offer a superb cost effective way of creating a quick and simple bank of mailboxes. They are supplied as individual boxes and then banked together in any permutation whether they be horizontally or vertically by the customer.  They are all predrilled and come with 2 dedicated keys per unit and fixing screws. When ordered in multiples we check first before shipping that all the lock numbers are different so no one can open each others mailbox with the same key.  Both ranges below are suitable for both internal and external requirements.


With a posting slot size of 235mm wide the Trent box is the most compact unit on the market that can take a C4 envelope (A4 letter in its envelope is C4) through its posting slot WITHOUT the need to bend in half. Do not compromise on small posting slots with the potential for mail to be sticking out of the slot as its too small. It will seriously compromise the security of the mailbox. This p[roblem is the most common issue from tennants feedback and can leave the contractor open to all sorts of problems


The Ouse is basically a larger version of the Trent. Both have really good capacities but the Ouse accepts more/bigger C4 mail both through the posting slot without bending and generally holds more post. Both models are available in various colours so just click on the images to see the colour options available.


We offer the best value Trent & Ouse prices anywhere on the web with further volume discounts automatically applied


These products can be purchased directly from the site and will be delivered within 2 working days ex stock. The prices quoted are fully vat inclusive and free delivery over £100.00 to a UK mainland address.