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Albertina Steel Personalised Box Range

Mailbox Mania is delighted to be chosen to sell in the UK a new range of quality, large capacity wall mounted and freestanding mailboxes. However what makes these products totally unique to the market is that included in the purchase price of the box you now have the ability through a brand new website link to create your own fantastic personalisation using a multitude of styles, designs, fonts and colours. The personalised plate is made from exactly the same material and colour finish as your actual mailbox and once uploaded will be delivered to you within 5 working days. It is then simply inserted into the made to measure area on the front of the box. REMEMBER THAT THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR THIS FANTASTIC SERVICE. Its all included in the extremely competitive purchase price. Of course if you do not want any personalisation then box is perfectly good without it


The Albertina is another quality unit that is able to hold several days mail. The posting slot is covered with a push inwards lid and is actual held in place by magnets to help in stormy weather. The lock is a high quality twist lock which can be left either open or closed (locked). The Abertina is the same as the Albert except the Albertina has a curved roof and the Albert a flat sloping roof.


  • Albertina Black Steel Postbox

    Albertina Black Steel Postbox


  • Albertina Blue Steel Postbox

    Albertina Blue Steel Postbox


  • Albertina Graphite Steel Postbox

    Albertina Graphite Steel Postbox


  • Albertina Green Steel Postbox

    Albertina Green Steel Postbox


  • Albertina Grey Steel Postbox

    Albertina Grey Steel Postbox


  • Albertina Red Steel Post box

    Albertina Red Steel Post box


  • Albertina White Steel Postbox

    Albertina White Steel Postbox


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